Together with her sister Martha, Helene flees small-town life to Berlin to live with her aunt Fanny, who leads the drug-intoxicated life of a bohemian. Helene works as a nurse, where she meets her future husband Wilhelm. Due to the political change to National Socialism, he helps her with papers to a new identity. The marriage fails and the love her son demands becomes increasingly unbearable. Helene can't get the thoughts of disappearing out of her head. When the war ends, she realizes that she has to start over. But to do that, she has to make a terrible decision.

production company: Lucky Bird Pictures | C-Films | the Iris Group  directed by: Barbara Albert  shooting period:  8. - 14. June 2022  fittings: 3. - 8. June 2022  location: Zürich

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The outsider and family man Ringo is in the Family vacations in Zurich on a fun whim to the real estate agent Urs as a sheikh. Attracted by the new wealth that the Sheik radiates, has quickly become a hodgepodge important personalities formed around him.

production company:  XFilme und Hugofilm   directed by: Dani Levy   shooting period: 9. June - 8. July 2022   locations: Luzern, Zürich, Basel

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After Harry signs up for a yoga class, he of all people experiences a spiritual enlightenment and from then on constantly and uncontrollably transforms himself into other people - he is one with all of humanity.

A few weeks after this event, we meet Harry again in the living room of his apartment, from where we follow his daily life and learn how his condition becomes challenging, all from the perspective of his friendly flatmate Lukas, who documents the phenomenon with his camera. - It is a unique and technically super exciting project and is certainly a great experience.

production company: Dynamic Frame  directed by: Bruno Conti Wuilloud  shooting period:  4. - 22. July 2022  rehearse: 3. - 15. July 2022  location: Zürich