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Al-Shafaq, When Heaven Divides


The Kara family from Zurich is ruled by the orthodox father Abdullah. Emine, the mother, tries to balance her husband's regime and give all her children love and faith in Allah equally. While the eldest son Kadir and the daughter Elif have found their place in the Turkish family as well as in the Western world, the youngest son Burak struggles with the lack of recognition of his father and his search for an identity between the worlds. When Burak puts the Koran at the centre of his worldview, Abdullah and Emine realise that Burak has already slipped away from them and is on his way to holy war. The father sets out to look for his son in the Turkish-Syrian border region. The fateful encounter with the Kurdish boy Malik gives him a second chance between Orient and Occident.


Director: Esen IŞik / Production: MAXIMAGE Produktion


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