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Baghdad in my shadow


London, just before Christmas: The strong-willed architect Amal - on the run from her ex-husband - works in the Café Abu Nawas, a popular meeting place for Iraqi exiles owned by a Kurdish activist. Her friends, the poet Taufiq and the IT specialist Muhanad, come by almost daily. Taufiq has been looking after his nephew Naseer since the death of his brother, but has to watch helplessly as he changes under the influence of the radical Islamist preacher Sheikh Yasin. Muhanad, on the other hand, left Baghdad only recently to escape the threat that homosexuals face there. But even here and in front of his friends, he does not dare to openly be with his lover. The small community is put in danger when Amal's ex-husband turns up in London and at the same time Sheikh Yasin convinces Naseer to take action against the "godless" in the Café Abu Nawas.


Director: Samir / Production: Filmcopi


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