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DER ZÜRICH KRIMI - Episode 5 & 6

Borchert and the murderous greed

On the way to the office of his superior Dominique Kuster, Borchert witnesses a traffic accident in which a young motorcyclist was forced off the road. When Kuster finds out about it, she reports that she knows the accident victim because he had previously asked for her help. The victim is the young art student Julian, who has been in a coma ever since. During the investigation, it turns out that Julian may have been involved in a radicalization. He became friends with Said Allawi, who made numerous trips to the Middle East with him.


Borchert and the Fall of Man

The owner of the Zurich strip club Orchidee is shot for self-defence on a police raid. Emmi Arnold, the policewoman involved in the raid, confesses to Captain Marco Furrer that the operation was a fake. Shortly afterwards, Arnold is murdered. Furrer is suspected of murder and is suspended by Major Wenger. Borchert, the "lawyer without a license", wants to help his friend, who in the meantime wants to prove his innocence to the major on his own initiative.

Director: Roland Suso Richter / Production: Graf Film in Co-Produktion mit Hugofilm


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