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The Reformer Zwingli - A Life's Portrait

Zürich 1519. The young widow Anna Reinhart (Sara Sophia Meyer) lives a life between fear of the church and worries about the future of her three children, when the arrival of a man in the city causes an uproar: the young priest Ulrich Zwingli (Max Simonischek) takes up his new post at Zurich's Grossmünster and sparks off heated discussions with his sermons against the abuses of the Catholic Church. Zwingli's revolutionary thoughts scare Anna. But when she observes how Zwingli lives charity and not only preaches, she falls under his spell. But Zwingli's success quickly becomes dangerous. His ideas almost trigger a civil war, and at the same time a struggle for power and interpretative sovereignty breaks out in the inner circle of the movement. When the Catholic forces begin to form internationally, the relationship between Zwingli and Anna is put to the test.

Director: Stefan Haupt / Production: C-Films


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